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Code - What Do You See (Part 1)

Speaking Ones and Zeros Sweaty hands grips the controller. Mashing the ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons to slash different attacks. The D-Pad is pressed left and then right. This kid is a natural. Well, a 20 something 90s child loyal to the bone to the very franchise he drooled upon as a kid. A 2D graphic tube TV turned 3D with 4k HDR resolution. Let’s not forget Ray Tracing making the reflection oozing with shivering vibrance. Shading now soft and variable. Pretty much every controller is the same now days. There are four main button, side “L” and “R”, Joysticks and a D-Pad. Every game franchise is different. Some have swords, sneaking around with capes or exploring open space. The variety of virtual space is infinite. Giving something to anyone who wants to create their reality of comfort and adventure. All that adventure, confined to a predetermine set of buttons. We feel, and we know games are thrilling. But all were doing is mashing the same buttons in different combinations. How many tim