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Where It All Goes

Listen to the dregs of eternity. Follow the misting wisp. Its curtain flows out into eternal space. Walking the line between the spiritual and physical. You will find God over all. Not just the ruler, but the provider too. All life is in His hands. All belongs to Him. All connections come from Him. Look no further with your eyes, but with faith. For in that faith is a resounding chime. A reverberation that is familiar. Your spirit trembles with a resounding beacon. For it was not long ago you were home. Vitality is within your prayers. We were all home once. A place where our spirit bodies were formed, and our intelligence skyrocketed. Yet we hit a limit. One that required a new estate to move on forward, forever more. The earth was formed in Seven days, according to the time of the Lord. Our plan, the plan given to us for a inheritance was forged. Born with with physical eyes. Some green. Some blue. Even some brown. Our hands and physical form is glorious. In the image of our Heaven