Where It All Goes

Listen to the dregs of eternity. Follow the misting wisp. Its curtain flows out into eternal space. Walking the line between the spiritual and physical. You will find God over all. Not just the ruler, but the provider too. All life is in His hands. All belongs to Him. All connections come from Him. Look no further with your eyes, but with faith. For in that faith is a resounding chime. A reverberation that is familiar. Your spirit trembles with a resounding beacon. For it was not long ago you were home. Vitality is within your prayers.

We were all home once. A place where our spirit bodies were formed, and our intelligence skyrocketed. Yet we hit a limit. One that required a new estate to move on forward, forever more. The earth was formed in Seven days, according to the time of the Lord. Our plan, the plan given to us for a inheritance was forged.

Born with with physical eyes. Some green. Some blue. Even some brown. Our hands and physical form is glorious. In the image of our Heavenly Parents. Yet the choice is before us. The sweet from the bitter. Once the world thought of as a giant wilderness. Now it is a giant buzz of innovation and digital-scape echoing off the mineral rocks. We have appetites. Needs of the body and spirit. So we have a choice. Who do we believe? And who do we follow?

Sickness does follow. Cold winters come every year. Heartache weathers down our mental bones. Yet in all of this we do stand. How can this be? Missiles fire everyday. Earthquakes trembles in the ground. Booming voices of inter-scape laugh at our mistakes. Violence, anger, oppression and too much stress on the beating heart. Do you wish to see all this gone? Nope. People have agency. The world will keep turning with or without your consent. Gripping with a sweaty hand you switch levers to do a dance. Keep ahead of the curve. Keep your aching bellies full and your creative mind sated. Yet that is not enough. How many ways can a puzzling cube be resolved and re-solved? A new sun comes up. A new dawn to wait upon. Fire in the veins, belief pumps the heart. Yet it is not enough. For dust gathers. Time ticks.

Then a voice speaks. One not of thunder, nor of tremendous noise. It is still, yet unmistakable. Lessons are taught bit by bit. Faith is tested. Warmth is given by a single wick. Little embers of light burst and darken as lessons are taught. Faith grows by every prayer. Every tear that yearns for the Heavens to speak. In that churning storm, is a Man who walks upon the sea. Who is familiar yet new. New because in our physical forms we must get to know Him again. The Savior walks with us on the beaten pass. Adults we may be, but in the eyes of the Master we are His children. Children in the truest sense. His familiar voice will snap into view and will eventually fade away for a time. We can only handle so much at a given time. Yet the Master knows all of this, and is merciful and kind. A loving hearth among the quaking earth. Sparking up the hope at the critical moments. The Sun really does shine after the dreading rain.

Look inwards and outwards. Do you see the truth? For one day your faith will grow to a deciding point. That this earth is in the Master’s hands. Every nation that flexes will bow a knee at the prescribed time. No power shall disrupt the Eternal Design. Yet He is more than a Grand Designer. He is our Master and the caring protector that provides. Our bodies have needs. Our spirits have needs. The Savior knows of it all, and will give us what we need. It is much grander than bitting into bread. For bread is the fuel that burns up. Yet the Spiritual Light that comes does not burn, but expands. A normal body with incredible spiritual strength. Breaking the bounds that make us tight. Because faith, hope and charity paves the way. Focus on your growing faith, and you will see, despite the tight circumstances, you will thrive. Not as the world sees, but as you feel and breath. For it shall be invisible to the metrics of your watches and phones. But it will ring within your very being. Unmistakable. Finding joy in your existence and strength in your step. All things shall be for your good. And the Savior leading you on the way of vitality and Eternal Joy.


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