Details to the Journey

This life has many, many details. Details that can break a iron grip. Firm grips lose focus when the tiny fireflies turn violent red or deadish black, purple. We can walk the road out of our kingdom. Just for a bit. Then return to find corruption layered all over the streets. Life once had assurances that wasted away at the right age. Mountains in the distance shimmers no glint. No haze. No snow. The sun becomes the doom that scorches the earth.

Flexing muscles, forcing a grin, we enter the muck. Reaping tools to restore order. To make those beliefs not for naught. Bringing the broken seams together, but the line still remains. It is not what it used to be. Seams keep on ripping. We keep repairing. Eventually the length of the dang thing is too small to be worth the trouble. Wandering begins. Seeking a new place. A place of promise where we can adopt a new life. Something worth the time.

Details are raw now. The wind becomes foreign. People smiles are suspect. Calling voices preaching a new life. We try each for a time, and nothing seems to be right. Nothing feels natural nor anything but superficial like the no sugar label. Here’s the thing.

Looking for a good meal, that restores the soul, is like paying a salesmen to be trustworthy. As soon as the money is gone, so is the incentive. Nothing last because it didn’t come from you.

Seek out the wise person. Sure. Get a little advice. In truth, we all need mentors. We all need a good friend who will look out for us. Someone we trust to pick us up at serious stumbles. But please, don’t give up on yourself. Become your own first hand. Have first hand of understanding and wisdom. Seek knowledge for yourself.

In a world of voices, follow the incentive and you will see their angle of truth. What flashes in front of their eyes. What gets them excited. Then you will understand why they form those sentences. Genuine conversation is found with two buddies gawking over something they hold dear. The act is for its own sake. Nothing else. No agenda but the joy that comes from being alive. These people are priceless. And they are someone we can share authenticity with.

The details come to the journey. Not the other way around. Seeking to find ourselves will lead to beautiful understanding. You are the agent, and the world is your canvas. Bring in light, and the canvas is clear. Shadows dull the colors and trick the eyes. But truth is the vibrant hues that you can mix with. Truth gathers the details and creates opportunity. The fiber seems may tear under petty force, but a new prototype is around the corner.

The details in our world can be beautiful or frightening. Depends on who you ask. But then again. Do their thoughts matter? On a hunt like this bring a net, and carry some common sense with you. Study yourself. Learn what is really good and true. Praiseworthy even. Then the details will fly to you, and bend to your whim.


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