A Letter To Someone Special

There was city built by the mind of a 12 year old girl. She walked the streets with a night gown. Several blocks behind her sat a little doll on the corner of a street. That little doll will be there if she ever needed it. A beautiful dawn began to peek up. Hues of pink and red danced the sky. Crisp air rolled in with a promise of a warm day.

Today’s walk was not about the promise of her future. No, the pull of her trusted instincts led the way forward. With her eyes closed, tears were held back. Inside her chest, the child’s heart beated with strength but it festered with foreign pain. 

Above the girl, God Himself watched His child take struggling steps away. The Lord’s powerful, pure eyes trembled and began to pool up with warm tears. If He did not have an immortal body, His hands would be sweating by this point. This girl was one of billions, if not trillions, of His own choice daughters. Yet, He loved her as if she had been His only daughter. The Almighty knew about the years to come, and the choices that will come in front of Her.

The little girl walked away from the city. She was heading towards a cute little park not too far away. It was only a few blocks down the street. Time began to accelerate as the little girl continued to walk. The sidewalk looked grid-like with the way the concrete had been laid down. As every few slabs of white concrete were stepped over, time chewed through a few months of time. By the moment she reached the park, this little girl had grown up and had became an young adult. She didn’t feel of age, but time had flown so sudden.

Inside the park, it was filled with fresh green grass. A cute little playground sat in the middle of the park. Soon, the young woman sat down and lightly totted on the swings. Not long ago, she was a child. Her past self danced in front of her. The memory was fun and exciting. A feeling of freedom and pleasure about exploring a beautiful world fleetingly came and gone. She could not hold such a beautiful thought for very long. Because….

Like warfare, thick dark, grey clouds rolled in like smushed cotton balls. They herded in tightly. Oh no. Everything came back in a hurry.  Fiery pain trembled the grown up child’s throat. Lightning spiked up her nerves. From the cold wind blowing, the knuckles of her skin shriveled and cracked and stinged. 

That girl got up immediately. She marched down the grass. Not far way, a large puddle sprang up from the ground. As she reached the muddy reflection, she gasped hard. Thoughts rapidly fired and emotions danced like flames In some twisted state, she could still hear the abandoned swings squeaking from the rushing winds. One hand waved in the reflection. A stranger mimicked her. A little girl sat in the puddle looking trapped and was horrified by something. Their minds interlocked in unison. Evil laughter filled the air. The laughter tormented the world bringing pain and cruelty to everything it touched.

“I’m so sorry!” The young woman gasped with her hand. Her lungs heaved and her hands trembled.

“How could you leave me here! I’m the one who had to deal with that evil man! You are the one who did this to me! You are pathetic! And you ruined me!” screamed the reflection.

The young woman whispered back, “You’re right. But we have a life to lead. For our sake, you must stay away from me.”

The puddle seeped down into the earth as the young woman shoved a part of herself deep within the ground. Burying such a part of herself would torment her daily, but she had no other alternative.

The Savior, hidden from sight, stood next to the woman. The Lord knew what had just occurred. Standing by her, He placed His hand on her shoulder and weeped. He knew long ago that she would bury a part of herself. When He suffered for the world, this child of God, like so many others, came to Him.  He knew everything because He took upon this woman’s suffering in the garden of Gethsemane. 

The Lord looked forward and smiled.

Three boys and a girl walked upon the grass. They didn’t have bodies because they were not born yet. The Savior gladly walked towards them and shepherd them around the young woman. All four of them surrounded her and encircled her with light. 

The Savior with joy and a strong, immortal beating heart said, “My daughter. I am patient. One day you will see me, and know without a shadow of doubt, what you mean to me.”

The Savior took his hand over the young woman’s head. With His power, he lightly touched her memories. Like a phantom, those memories were tucked away and guarded from seeping out.

“In the meantime…” the Savior said, “These children are my gift to you. The boys, I give to be yours and to grow under your care. They will become strong and wonderful men. Their goodness, will not only come because of who they are, but will tripled and magnified by your love. Within the world, these boys will do much good.”

With a twinkle in God’s eye, “For the girl.. Well she will come later. I have comforted your daughter. She badly wants to come too. However, just like with your boys, I have a plan for her. She will come in due time. The miracle of her birth shall happen within a special time and place…”

The warmth of the Savior embraced them all. The park disappeared and was hidden from view.

The young woman moved forward, not knowing why, but sought the future. It would not be easy, but she felt a budding strength within her.


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