Age of Clay

The clay that rubs between fingers has a smooth, malleable consistency. It varies from recipe to recipe from the designers who drive it. Hands grabs handfuls mixing it with water loosening the separation and tightening the order. 

Intelligent hands begin shaping.

I am both the clay and the hands. A duo of both being shaped and the shaper. I live in a age of clay shaping as I please swimming among the sea of many voices. The age of clay is both wondrous and terrible. Infinite possibility with the power to shape. Shape the very lives we live. Keeping to our mantras as long as they don’t terrorize and bring our hearts low with burden. So many eyes, so many cries of power. A terrible lion among the silhouettes whom prowls the land of shadows. The lion hot with the ticking time. Shadows angry, drunk with rage. The land is swept by the standing wave of a traitor. Cries and more shadows pour in bringing the flames up to white tongues of fire. Shadows dance between flames as the clay bakes hardening past the edge. Lump in the throat. Eyes prime to cry. The age of clay has a new name. Fires dies down cooling to little wicks. A hand comes in grabbing the results. So much freedom, so much possibility, but every climax of a story comes in one wave before the cooling thunder brings in the rain. New life. New ages. New possibilities. Let’s take a walk.

The ages spiral in the cosmos bursting upon one star. A star to most, but a sun to some. Gravity pulls the planets in motion creating a circling path. Maybe two, three, seven planets orbiting one sun. A repeating pattern among galaxies who are innumerable as the stars themselves. Eternity. Endlessness. We are clay. Shaping ourselves and looking up at the stars. Life is so short. One moment we hold shape but a mightier hand comes and shapes our shaping. We burn hot with anger, but that only bakes our clay ruining our chances of shaping. Of reaching forth to the stars. Something is tugging at us all. So much ambition, so much love. Hungering not for food but to have lasting meaning among the stars of creation. To rule the space between spaces. We walk day to day living by our local star, the sun. Sunrise and sunset. Growing weary at times, but excited in different moments. Yet gravity rules us all.

We build rockets and send up to space. Jetting flames of science, defying odds, calculating the risks and facing radiations of celestial proportions. Rulers racing against the ticking time. Visionaries mustering funds and forces. We the men and woman of clay will enter shapes of metal and suits. Touching the sands of mars. Harvesting the gases of Jupiter. Orbiting Pluto. Pressing against solar winds. So much life poured into the space between worlds and asteroids. That longing burning brighter than the thrusters propelling us to the future. Overcoming the limits. Empires among empires battle cries like enslaved dreamers. Swords that become guns and guns become plasma bolts. AI that speaks to our needs. Virtual Reality bridging the imagination to the vision. Evolution of tools to preserve the clay within but encase us into celestial capabilities. Capable, malleable beings. Keeping our history yet rewriting our future. The blackness of space is no problem because the galaxies of stars is honing our vision. Sharpening our wits, increasing our efforts and broadening our compassion to beautiful ideas while swirling with commitment. The human spirit cannot be seen with the eye. Be assured, its there. Ticking, thinking, hoping and overcoming.

The spectrum of thinking is infinite. We are infinite. Hundreds and thousands of years of human history has been spent looking at the night sky. Imagination is important. Practicality is important. Painting, writing, debating and piecing together great minds across history. What’s important is to keep trying. Keep trying my friend. Keep playing the game of greatness.

Training is important. Bleeding happens. Grit must be picked from your teeth. Become fierce as a tiger within, but soft when your heart beats true. Meditate among the gardens, within the streets and around fountains. Every moment is focused on the goal. Hone your mind, measure and imagine the breakthrough to come. Guide your form. Launch strikes. Respect your mastery. You are the student of your studies. Lift, believe, yearn and overcome. It becomes to be fire at times, but still as water when defeat stings. See in the mirror, smile and love yourself. A heart of stars circles among the cosmos of your reach. Greatnesses comes from a true character, tested and reborn with integrity of something much truer. 

Dreamer snap awake. Its time to be a visionary in the age of clay. The fire will come, so let the shaping come. Cries of the vile, passionate fools will come in numbers. Be still and true. Your eyes will pierce through the smoke bringing light to the shadows. Trailing as snaking mist you will be hidden at first but rise to encircle in time. Love others. Bring up the feeble knees and march on. Visions will be shared to bring hands together to shape the goal of human history. Our future is bright. Let’s train, believe and forgive. We are human after all, and that makes us very special.


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