Coding: Peering Through A Thin Screen

What does coding sound like to you? Does it remind you of that old bag of a math teacher? Some dusty textbook slammed on your table while you sigh as you get out your library card. Time to sign your soul away to doomed 2 dimensions. Talking with nerds, geeks about concepts that feel more forced than real. Your brain protest calling the very thought awfully boring.

I empathize. But then again, I admit I am pretty eccentric. Peering through a thin screen takes effort, but totally worth it.

Let me introduce you to the world of code. Yes, I am your cave tour guide geeking over rock and mineral formations of prehistoric ages ago. Coding is awfully interesting if you understand the very power, the very extensions it gives your hands. The capabilities are endless. Code is just another brush for the canvas of ideas to be expressed. So you like art. So you like things that feels real, tangible. You and I are tangible human beings with power to build the very things that make us human. That is why we write. That is why we take selfies. To debate, argue and rush with our standards. We wear different clothes, eat different foods, dance in malls and between national monuments. To feel human is to express our self. That my friend is code. The very essence of coding is expressing your very soul, dance, and smile.

I don't like flashcards, and I don't want to be ever like a cow grazing in a grass covered field. The world is filled with opportunities, sights, sounds and to become the very lightning that strikes history books.

So, how is code self-expression?

Ever heard of a peanut-butter jelly sandwich? How would you butter one? Does the peanut butter come first, or the jelly, or maybe perhaps peanut butter goes on both slices. Most would say that it doesn't matter. Eat it, dang it! But we all know people who will curse underneath their breaths as their sandwich is not to their liking. They want to strangle the nearest person because food can be fashion, style or even art.

Ideas are not so different. I like the saying, "there are a thousand ways to skin a cat." True because the world is a giant canvas of a billion ways to solve problems and perhaps even crack the same joke. TV shows usually get old by the second season finale. I often think of better endings, or new plots the TV show could have gone to save its own viewership. Some people like the endless junk drama, but I get sick like eating too much chocolate. Appetizing at first, but scary later. There are countless people who are like you and I. We have ideas. We have visions we want to be seen in the world. Many of those ideas are simple, yet many of them are deep and filled with soul-searching passion.

Teaching dogs to sit, roll and do tricks is very similar to computers. Code has gotten very close to native language of humans these days. What if you imagine your computer, phone or watch as a very eager dog to learn new tricks? Not far off from the truth. Computers will do anything for us. We just need adjust our thinking paradigm to speak to them through written words. 

Coding is a spectrum. You can stand at the shore, or go down to the deepest underwater cave to find hidden treasures. Whatever you want is the very nature of code. Let's take a first look at what I am talking about.

Here is Javascript: programming language of interactive web pages.

Code is where art and logic meet. In this realm we can do anything. Create exhibits, design robots, give people voices and so much more. Go as far as you want. That is what ambition and ideas are after all.


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