Destiny is only one part of the equation. Who am I is the path I must follow. However must does not compel anyone. The inner soul right to the center is filled with the gracious light of starlight. To the empty space above, the infinite cosmos are filled with souls yearning for the promise of eternal destiny. They swirl in the galaxies without thought feeling while they are going no where. Once in a while a star will fall to the earth and take the shape of a broken rock. A fragment of what once was from the brilliant cosmos is left behind. Glittering tears streak away painting the night sky with hues of purple, blue and red. For their brother has fallen and lost among the other stars. Is destiny there?

Beating hearts can only pump blood into the veins of its life. Poisons gushes through the soul of spirit and body tied together with great care. The violence of indifference strikes suddenly. Ripping at the seams mocking the beauty within. The physician looks with sorrow at both the victim and predator. Corruption is upon the soul a crimson twilight boiling in the horizon. Trust ruined. Confidence shattered. Anger abounds like the sign of desolate ravens. You had to do this.

Buckling knees bow. Mouth screams. Tears stream. The innocent yearn, and the wicked scream behind veiled threats. Suffering abounds extracting taxes universally. The heavens dim to darkness as the perceiver cries into the night.

Master, master where art thou? Hast thou forgotten my destiny. The beauty of a home forgotten, the tuned bell stroke down. Do you take strangers in? For I have become displeased, broken within. How I yearn for thy cupping hands to put me to rest for I have sinned. War is grief. Indifference is a lying mask. For we all are creatures of destiny within thy halls. Will we wage war anymore? I seek to be destroyed, for I am offensive.

No voice was heard, but a soft whistle came without sound. The tuning bells rang within the man's being. A vision of countless souls of both men and woman scattered upon the stars. They glittered and swirled in the heavens. The calls of yearning colored the very vibrations of God's canvas. A Holy Man was seen. Not just any man. The Man of Holiness. At His right hand, the Son, the commander of all stars. Understanding came. Hope showed the insubstantial. Reaching with his hand, the man pierced the veil. The pressured difference brought his own personal tears. Soon, the Son and the Father followed with their own tears. It was all going to be alright. The heavens and their galaxies may swirl a certain way, for a certain while. However the mist of time will blow away the dusts of mortality, and the final canvas revealed to be the original master piece.

A voice came with stillness as a tuned bell ringing and reverberating within the soul. "Peace be still. I am here with you, always."

The man looked up with his outstretched hand shaking. His whole body still shook from the misery, but the Heart no longer poisoned within. A tightened smile slowly loosened. He returned to the heavens like a jetting flame back to the stars, speaking with his siblings. That one star sought forth to love and to bring home any falling stars. Pleasing both his very soul and the God above. For peace sat within the very view illuminating like a crackling fire.


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