We are People

History is rich in this earth. A boy smiles as pride shines in his eyes. The sense of being near his kindred. They may not be rich. Not a superpower like American soil, but their presences says it all.

A woman comes out. History has not been kind to her country. They have fought wars, bled out tears and have kept their families close. The flow of their flag’s colors dances in the wind coming across from deserts, authorities and rulership. They are the people that borders the west. Their songs come up in symphonies, humming the richness of the land beneath them. Tears glisten in their eyes. They are a people. Worthy of admiration and respect. Paintings have come from their masters of art. Technology may have made a soup of the world, but they are a people. And they will survive.

Powers both from the east traveling to the west until it circles back in the globe. We are all connected, but our tunes are very different. This fact makes me smile. I feel their eyes, their authenticity echo the struggles within my own heart, family and my land. People are the heart and soul of this world. To value life, is to value oneself. Hate is a mirror, but love is a window. Love brings the world from flat to round. The rhythm of a song is a continuous, repeating and pure. We all sing because we share each others struggles to rise above the soil and reach each other as we ought.

I sit within the center. At night, the lights of cities reach the men sent by NASA and those others orbiting. Time has changed the earth very rapidly. People are now living across the earth guarded by borders, maps and treaties. This world is very beautiful.

To travel the world, is a dream of mine. I have kept this fact between me and my mother. We would like to travel my own country first, but then I would like to expand beyond. Experiencing the world in its diversity both sounds and feels amazing. I have challenges to overcome. I can sit in darkness of night in my very room and struggle to keep my head and hands steady. Day in day out I study, learn, practice and struggle. I do it for a reason. I believe in progress. Every ticking of time is spent me perfecting my skills. I have learned recently that joy is different from happiness. Happiness is chemical, but joy is spiritual. Everything I am, and everything I will ever become is in the hands of my Heavenly Father. I wait for his touch of the spirit. I wait for his voice to guide my actions. It is a daily cycle. I am guided, I am loved and I do have a overarching purpose. Stillness is what pierces the thickest metal, and the most calloused heart, not thunderous thoughts. Though I fear of being judged every day by my peers, that fear is lessening. What matters to me is becoming someone who has joy. Joy of loving myself and loving others. The earth is filled with wonderful people. Like the countless varieties of dances, people have different ways, approaches and styles. I would like to get know more places because beauty is filled with shapes and colors of style.

One day my skills will become strong. I am going to travel, funded by the technical skills I have so carefully cultivated for the last 10 years. This earth stays beautiful because of the people who make noise into words, notes into song. We are the people of this world. We are beings destined in a world that is not flat or trapped, but loved by a Heavenly Father.


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